Our Direct Mail Services

Blue State Strategies is a full service political direct mail consulting firm located in the Capital District. Geared specifically for local campaigns, Blue State Strategies has crafted highly creative, eye-catching and compelling direct mail pieces for Democratic candidates at the village, town, city, and county levels for over 15 years.

Message Development and Voter Contact Strategy

Blue State Strategies will work with you and your campaign staff to craft a clear, concise, and effective message, and develop a comprehensive mail plan that describes each piece, its strategic targets, and delivery schedule.

List Acquisition and Targeting

Blue State Strategies has immediate access to up-to-date voter lists and can target your mailings to specific audiences for precise delivery of your message.

Creative and Superior Graphic Design

Blue State Strategies will conceptualize, write, design, and produce direct mail pieces that will stand out in the mailbox and, most importantly, persuasively drive home your message. Clever headlines, catchy graphics, high impact photography, and clear and concise writing are the hallmark of effective direct mail pieces created by Blue State Strategies.

Award-Winning and High Impact Photography

You will never see boring pictures of politicians lined up in a row smiling at the camera in direct mail pieces designed by Blue State Strategies. Rather, our photographers use state-of-the-art digital photography to create powerful and attention-grabbing action shots that help drive your message to your targeted audience.

Reliable and Affordable Union Print Company

Partnering with one of the Northeast's leading commercial printing companies means your printed work will be of superior quality, on schedule, and within budget. During crunch time, you can rely on our print company to give your work top priority and deliver a high quality product on time and at an affordable price.

Professional and Experienced Mailing Services

Deadlines are critical in direct mail. Using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technologies, our experienced mail service company ensures the accurate and reliable delivery of your mail at the lowest available postage rates.

Other Campaign Services

In addition to direct mail, Blue State Strategies can produce the following items and services for your campaign:

  • Ballot Access and Petition Management
  • Banners
  • Billboards
  • Business Cards
  • Campaign Management and Strategy
  • Fundraiser Invitations
  • Lapel and Bumper Stickers
  • Lawn and Window Signs
  • Letterhead and Envelopes
  • Logos
  • Palm Cards and Drop Pieces
  • Petitions
  • Newspaper and Web Advertisements
  • Television, Radio and Web Spots
  • T-Shirts
  • Websites